Where Healing Begins...

Shiloh Woods Natural Healing Center offers natural medicine consultations and education to holistic minded individuals, like you, who are seeking a better path to wellness.

Hi, I’m Sheri and I’m a Clinical Herbalist and Educator. I come from a line of healers and nature lovers. Learning from my grandmothers, I developed a deep love of nature and a passion for healing.

I have been working with natural medicine since 2005. I would love to help you support your physical and mental well-being with herbal medicine and nature-based therapies. I am dedicated to connecting with you through education, one-on-one consultation and quality products.

Sheri - Clinical Herbalist

Does herbal medicine work?

We get it. We hear this question a lot. Modern medicine has become so commercialized and it's hard to understand if alternative medicine will help you.

Benefits of Working With an Herbalist
Herbal Consultations
Unlike traditional medical visits you will work 1:1 with a Clinical Herbalist. We will create a personalized herbal plan just for you and your body.
Alternative Therapies
In coordination with your herbal medicine plan, we offer tailored therapies such as forest bathing, earthing, and GSR scans; and referrals for massage, cupping, moxibustion, and sound and light therapy.
Herbal Education
We provide a wide range of herbal learning opportunities including virtual classes, hands-on workshops, herb walks, gardening and more. We also offer seasonal internships and long term apprenticeships for students serious about developing deeper understanding about herb-body interactions.

What Is an Herbalist and What Can We Do for You?

A well-trained herbalist will “speak the language of the plants” and know how specific herbs work in the body and be able to formulate a plan to help you overcome dysfunction in your body by using the right herbs and therapies to restore harmony. Rather than a “take this for that” approach, we make recommendations based on specific, sometimes seemingly unrelated, symptoms and underlying issues. This is what makes herbal medicine so vital; the ability to bring the body back into balance and allow it to heal and function the way it was designed to, ultimately leading to holistic, whole person, wellness.

"I've had deep pain in my right shoulder and neck, on down around and under my right shoulder blade for YEARS, but I refuse to take pain medication or OTR meds for it because I don't really want to damage my liver. Chiropractic care in the past only lasted a little while. But after a single session at Shiloh Woods natural Healing Center.

- Michelle M.

Shiloh Woods Natural Healing Center is a place of true healing. Gains are made as you make visits to the center. There are many times your gains are not visible to others, but are feelings that only you can determine. This lets you know that there are definitely changes being made to your health.

You can tell that Sheri really cares about healing and teaching her students to be able to recognize good healing herbs. Her conversation is always professional with a little humor included.

- Betty H.

I began seeing Sherri about 6 weeks ago and am so thankful I did. My main concern was stress, but she has helped me in many other ways. She is very knowledgeable, but at the same time has an easy to understand way of explaining things. All of her teas and tinctures that I have had are fabulous - my favorite being the Tulsi. She is helping me balance my hormones and for the 1st time in years I had my first cycle without any cramps! Go see her, you will be happy you did! ❤

- Sarah S.

“My depression has really improved. I am actually ENJOYING my alone time now.”

- B.L.

“The herbs you have given me are really making an improvement. My cough is better, I am more productive, and I have more energy. I am grateful for all your knowledge and expertise.”

- Sheran H.

“Sheri is working with my wife and I to strengthen our immune systems and using custom designed tinctures to address the concerns with our major organs. Jesus and God our Father wants us to have a long, healthy life. We highly recommend anyone to schedule a consultation with her to start getting your body back healthy again.”

- Ron D.

"I am so grateful to Sheri and her knowledge. She used her plant medicine to help my leg heal after a sports injury. Now, I know about and love Comfrey!”

- Dave H.

"After working with Sheri at Shiloh Woods Natural Healing Center, this year has been the first year in a long time that I have felt like I had the energy to manage my life well and move toward my goals! Thanks so much!”

- Jessica P.

"The kids and I deeply enjoyed our “weed walk” at Shiloh Woods! My son came home and went on his own weed walk around our neighborhood, chopped up what he found and made tea. He was so inspired by the experience. Priceless. Highly Recommend!"

- Kimberly P.

“Sheri has been a great help to me and I really appreciate her thoughtful and in depth approach to natural healing. During the winter I'm very prone to terrible colds and coughs that can drag on all winter. My last episode was much less severe thanks to the tea that Sheri designed specifically for my particular symptoms. Thanks Sheri for my healthiest winter in years!! BTW I love your elderberry syrup!! Yummy and good for me too! ”

- Sheran H.

“My energy levels have improved dramatically; I don’t feel dead and dragging at the end of the day”

- Tara C.

“Thank you for the Cold and Sinus Tea. I can breathe again!”

- Mrs. Brenda